I have a diploma in garden design and have been a freelance designer for 25 years. I love working with people, plants and places. I have a collaborative, adaptable approach. I think about what you need from your garden practically, as well a how it looks. I can help you create your special garden with the budget you have available. 


I work along the Sussex coast and Downs, anywhere within 10km from the pin on the map. I offer remote consultations via Zoom or WhatsApp. I am fully insured and have a DBS certificate.

07981 621 309


Garden work can be safeWe will stay 2m apart in the open air. I will wear gardening gloves and use a mask while around you, as will anyone working with me. We ask you to show us the same courtesy. If you want us to take additional precautions, please say. If your garden doesn't have street access, we will need to walk through your house. We can discuss how to do this safely.

My suppliers are also affected. Orders can take longer, items may become unavailable. I try to plan around uncertainty.